Welcome to our web site offering a collection of free Microsoft® Excel© templates from some of the best sites and companies that we have found.  Although we are just beginning this quest to find and offer the best collection of Excel templates, we have already spent many hours looking for ones that we think will offer you valuable information and hopefully save you precious time.  After all, much of the time you spend with Excel is creating and formatting your worksheets, not with the actual data.  Let us know what kind of templates you would like to have and use.

Do you spend a lot of time creating Microsoft® Excel™ worksheets? 
Are you new to Excel and need help creating them? 
Do you find it difficult to add new cells or calculations?

If you build 3-dimensional, or department and company, worksheets with Excel, does it take you hours to build them? 

Then preview our newest utility, XLS:Builder and see how it can save you countless hours of your time.  Click the “Learn How” button at the right and find out how easy and fast it is to create new worksheets or update old ones.

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