XLS:Builder will do just what the name says -- build your Microsoft Excel worksheet.  Just open a new worksheet, pick a few options, answer a few questions, and just like magic, your worksheet will be created for you, complete with formulas, and even the formatting if you desire.

With XLS:Builder you can do the following:

  • Create multiple rows or columns at one time;
  • Builds the formulas and functionality automatically for you;
  • Allows you to enter your data all at once, or it can grow (increase or decrease)
    your data for you automatically;
  • Creates your formulas with meaningful names, not letters and numbers, that will make your worksheet easy to read, such as SUM(SALES) or SUM(JUNE);
  • Create multiple departmental worksheets and total them automatically;
  • Pick from a variety of templates to begin, and then modify them to fit your needs.
  • Automatically format as you build the worksheet.

Probably XLS:Builder’s best feature is its ability to create
3-dimensional worksheets!  Do you create company or department worksheets where each employee, salesman or department has their own worksheet to record their information, and then you need to total them for a department or company total?  Then XLS:Builder is for you.

Create your worksheet in minutes instead of hours.  XLS:Builder will automatically name your rows and columns for more meaningful formulas and calculations. You can also pick from a list of predesigned financial sheets.  Add color and shading if you desire.  Pick from a list of pre-configured layouts. Shorten the time it takes for the entire worksheet.

You also get six-months of updates and on-line support with your purchase!!

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